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Ulfrik Skardison

Characters name

Ulfrik Skardison

Characters Background

Son of a Dane, Skardi one eye. But I was born in the Danelaw not far from the border, as such i am skilled in both negotiations and violence as both were usually needed. Normally I'm just a simple Tanner and leather worker, which is a skill that caused me to travel to Wessex. My settlement here is a mix of families and fighting men, which keeps me busy with both my leather, and I also teach anyone willing, Glima... The unarmed combat style of our people. I live a content life here in the south with my wife occasionally getting the excitement of following the younger fighters into battle but mainly sit happily stitching my leather.

Why you joined the vike?

Me and the wife have a love of history she's a student of history, and I've taught Glima (Viking Wrestling/unarmed combat) for many years so thought it was about time I learnt to use a sword too .

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