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Styr Styrson

Characters name

Styr Styrson

Characters Background

I am Styr Styrson, son of Styr. I was born in Avaldsnes in Norway. From a young age I was trained in the art of war and served my Lord in many great battles. Travelling widely I was strong on the oar and deadly in combat - claiming many victories and riches. From across many seas I have sailed and slain my many enemies. Great fame, renown and fortune followed. I returned home years later to Avaldsnes after many adventures. Looking forward to nights in the mead hall. Unfortunately the new local Lord was very jealous and feared me. He accused me of being “too close” to his wife and sister. An outrageous slur and also possibly a lie. Facing too great an odds and not wishing to despatch many of my former brethren I left my home of Avaldsnes. Since then I have returned to the ways of the warrior and joined the mercenaries of Ulfhedinn and they are glad to have my skills and wit.

If you have time and the money buy me a mead and I will tell you a time of high adventures.

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