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Sihtric the Slippery

Characters name

Sihtric the Slippery.

Characters Background

I lost my Danish farm in a holmgang and was banished. Forced to join a band of mercenaries, I ended up in Wessex. At first a slave, I proved myself in battle and am now a free man. I have survived this long due to my cunning in battle, thus the nickname "Slippery". (It has nothing to do with those damned leather soled shoes).

Why you joined the vike?

A love for history, particularly anything up to where men start wearing tights. It also keeps me fit, sort of, and I enjoy talking to the public at shows.

Any future plans?

In the future I'd like to pass my History test, get an advanced weapon test (long spear), I wouldn't be adverse to doing some acting (I do a good death) and one day maybe even get my drengr test.

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