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Characters name

Einarr, son of Asbjorn.

Characters Background

I am the third son of an elderly farmer who often went to Britain to raid telling us of a land of riches. When the great army was being assembled, I took my chance to leave my home to journey to this land of riches and claim my share. After the conquest I travelled the land eventually settling in Wessex joining a warband of Norse settlers employed by Ealdorman Thurston. I was unprepared for the trials this would bring but managed to prove myself in combat and earned my place where I remain.

Why you joined the vike?

As for the modern “me”, I decided re-enactment was something I wanted to do after seeing a very impressive Viking age display at Military Odyssey some years ago. I have always been interested in history and this was my chance to live it. This period is an iconic part of our island’s history and endlessly fascinating. Being a part of the society gives me the opportunity to travel around the country and meet many people. The shows are great fun and a fantastic source of anecdotes. Joining in the battles you may find to your surprise you have the spirit of a warrior, I was most surprised.

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