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Lognar ulfson

Characters name

Lognar ulfson of Borg, stearsman of the ulfhedinn.

Characters Background

Left the Norwegian isle of Borg on a raid with 2 of his best friends, snori and Troll. The raid went badly and the 3 were the only survivors... Limping back to the port without plunder or 2/3rds of the crew they were exiled. Declaring themselves ulfhedinn they found an island (brownsea) in a well protected harbor.... They started to recruit.

If only they had factored in the local reve.

Why you joined the vike?

I was made too! Approached by a fellow Viking in a bar we were asked if we wanted to have a go.... I initially said no. But troll said yes! Almost a decade later I'm leading the ulfhedinn for a 2nd time!

Photo by Andrew Chorley

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